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CAN PLAYOFFS – A victory for honor and pleasure

by drbyos

The match between Madagascar and Ghana will be held on Sunday at 5 p.m. in Mahamasina. Both the Barea and the Black Stars will do their last training there this afternoon.

Want to turn the page. The coach Romuald Félix Raktondrabe says Rôrô like the Minister of Youth and Sports, Haja Resampa who came to encourage the Barea during their training yesterday, say they are confident that Madagascar will be able to win the victory, to break the series of defeats in previous CAN qualifying matches. “We worked on the strategy to face Ghana. We will see, on Sunday, the physical form of the players. The objective is to achieve victory, at worst, to separate with a draw. We have worked hard for this. There are no injuries at the moment and the twenty-eight players are all in good health,” reassures coach Rôrô. The latter has not yet wanted to publish the final list. The names of the twenty-three selected will be revealed this afternoon after training. His proteges will carry out two more training sessions this Saturday. “I see good cohesion within the group and the atmosphere is there,” rejoices the coach. The coach will entrust the captain’s armband to the elders, in this case Ibrahim Amada and Carolus Andriamahitsinoro, who did not appear in the initial list of shortlisted, but joined the current group of regrouping.


Asked about the probable composition of the first eleven entrants, the coach replied: “First of all, there will be no backbone. There will be no locals or expats. They are all players of Malagasy nationality and I will first line up the eleven who can accomplish the mission. The coach, bronze medalist at the African Nations Championship in Algeria, nevertheless argued that he will opt for the game strategy that propelled the Barea to the Chan semi-finals. “We have our typical style of play with our small size. And we will continue in this direction given the short preparation time, ”he says. Two French technicians were called in at the last moment to assist the head-coach, namely Maarouf Wissen from the Créteil club and Gilles Hugon, his assistant at the U17 academy in Carion, eight years ago. Present at Barea training yesterday in Mahamasina, Haja Resampa said that “it was time to turn the page in terms of sport or football. The main thing is to achieve victory and no longer to participate. We are now aiming for a higher goal, that is to say qualify for the CAN or the World Cup later. The state is there to provide the necessary means. We have to motivate the players and the staff. The Black Stars arrived last night and will test the ground this Saturday, at game time.

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