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Boca receives Huracán and Talleres wants to continue in the fight: time, TV and formations

by drbyos

Talleres continues in the fight for the championship, but he cannot fail before his people. Tonight you will receive Union, in a match on the 24th that, depending on the result, can consecrate champion to the leader River.

So that this does not happen, the T must add up and if it is for 3, it will remain at 7 of the Millionaire. The meeting will be from 9:30 p.m. on TNT Sports.

The T comes from beating Sarmiento as a visitorbut surely he regrets the last game at Kempes, when Godoy Cruz drew a draw and further distanced him from the fight.

today can not fail and it is certain that he will come out with everything for the victory, although a Tatengue that comes from a controversial tie with Boca, but is also very complicated with the average of the descent.

Javier Gandolfi’s commitment and offensive power have marked the campaign of the Cordovan team, which is one of the best in the Professional League. The lack of definition played him some tricksbut he is in the race and will look for a new victory.

On the previous turn, Boca will wait for Huracán in a match for those in need. It will be from 7:30 p.m. at La Bombonera, with transmission of ESPN Premium.

The Xeneize does not raise its head in the domestic tournament and comes from a disappointing performance in Santa Fe and the Globe sinks into the table and accumulates 12 games without winning.

Regarding the controversial draw on April 15, Jorge Almirón will make two changes: Nicholas Figal reached the fifth yellow card and will be replaced by Bruno Valdez and Luis Vázquez will go by Juan Ramirez to accompany Miguel Merentiel in the attack. Again double 9, a rehearsed move that didn’t work.

In front, diego martinez (third DT of the tournament after the departures of Diego Dabove and Sebastián Battaglia), will go for the blow on a field where Huracán won only twice in the last 43 years: 2010 and 2022.

Monday’s program includes four games, it will start at 2:00 p.m. with Central Barracks – Argentines on ESPN Premium and will continue at 4:30 p.m. with Colon–Belgrano por TNT Sports.

Probable formations

Boca: Sergio Romero; Marcelo Weigandt, Bruno Valdez, Nicolás Valentini and Frank Fabra; Guillermo Fernández, Alan Varela, Cristian Medina and Valentín Barco; Miguel Merentiel and Luis Vazquez. DT: Jorge Almirón.

Hurricane: Lucas Keys; William Soto, Fernando Tobio, Joaquin Novillo and William Benitez; Fernando Godoy and James Hezze; Walter Mazzantti, John Gauto and Matthias Gomez; Matthias Coccaro. DT: Diego Martinez.

Workshops: Guido Herrera; Gastón Benavídez, Matías Catalán, Juan Rodríguez and Juan Portillo; Rodrigo Villagra and Ulises Ortegoza; Diego Valoyes, Rodrigo Garro and Ramón Sosa; Michael Santos. DT: Javier Gandolfi.

Union: Sebastian Moyano; Federico Vera, Nicolás Paz, Franco Calderón, Claudio Corvalán and Kevin Zenón; Yeison Gordillo, Enzo Roldan; Mauro Luna Diale and Imanol Machuca; Jerome Domina. DT: Cristian González.

This is the position table

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