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The Ankoay of Madagascar lost their last match counting for the classification of thirteenth and fourteenth places. End of the adventure at the World Cup for the Ankoay U19 of Madagascar.

A rather encouraging first experience despite the novice status of the representatives of the Big Island at the World Cup which ended yesterday in Debrecen in Hungary. In the final standings, the protégés of Aimé Randria, coach of the Malagasy national team recorded two victories (Madagascar 83-66 Lebanon, Madagascar 80-77 Hungary) and four defeats (Madagascar 69-136 USA, Madagascar 56-119 France , Madagascar 71-74 Slovenia, Madagascar 60-72 South Korea, Madagascar 64-104 Egypt) On the last game yesterday against Egypt, the Malagasy players never managed to get into their style of play. The three faults Too fast arrivals of Lova and Jerry handicapped the Malagasy national team. In addition, they easily fell into their trap, that of playing solo and easily losing the ball. Having hoped to play a revenge match against the Egyptians following the defeat of our young Ankoay in the final of the Afrobasket U18 at home in August 2022, the flag bearers of the Big Island failed to achieve a revenge. The Egyptians, advantaged by their physique and technique, had no difficulty in subduing the young Ankoay from Madagascar.


For Jean de Dieu Randrianarivelo, coach of the 3X3 national team, he explained that “it is a course that deserves recognition despite the first participation in the World Cup. Our young players have managed to compete with other renowned countries in basketball like Slovenia for example. The World Cup ended today (yesterday) but the hardest part is yet to come for our youngsters. I appeal here for the existing infrastructures to be opened up to basketball players without distinction”. And Jean de Dieu Randrianarivelo continues: “international meetings are the basis of success and if we want to go further, we must multiply these types of meetings. We must also improve the physical performance of our young people because of the pace of high-level matches. These young Ankoays carried the name of Madagascar high and I congratulate them without forgetting the efforts of the FMBB and its team without distinction”. Madagascar has already made its mark on the world basketball scene for the U19s and this mark must continue. To do this, we have to rake wide to find the rare pearls with larger sizes if we want to stay at the top level. The future of Malagasy basketball depends on it.

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