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Les Bleuets qualified in the quarter without surprise against the young Ankoay. It was yesterday during a one-sided match of the round of 16 of the U19 World Cup.

The young Ankoay U19 boys from Madagascar, who played their first round of 16 of a World Cup in Hungary, from June 24 to July 2, lost yesterday, with a score of 56-119 (10-31, 13 -24, 5-36, 28-28). From the start, the French with their large size blew up the defense of the badly embarked Ankoay. The start of the match is directly to the advantage of the French, a stifling defense and a fire transition attack led by Zaccharie Risacher.

After the first time-out requested by Madagascar, the score was 4-14 for France six minutes from the end of the first quarter. Without managing to enter their match and dominated in all areas of the game, the young Ankoays lost their basketball know-how compared to the performances against Slovenia. At the end of the first quarter, Madagascar was trailing 10-31. In the second quarter, they had a slump to finish at 23-53 at the end of the second quarter. In the third quarter, the Malagasy descent into hell continued with a score of 5-36. All attempts by Madagascar were nullified either by repeated faults by easily losing the ball or by colliding with the defensive curtain of the French. It was only in the fourth quarter that the Malagasy players managed to compete against their opponents with a score of 28-28.


The only consolation for the Malagasy clan was that it was the inevitable M’Madi Mathias who was the best scorer of the game, with his 33 points, far ahead of his first pursuer, the Frenchman Romain Parmentelot with his 17 points. Apart from M’Madi Mathias, four Malagasy players scored (Rino, 11 points, Lovasoa Andriatsarafara and Be Richard 5 points each, Fabrizio Heritiana Michael, 2 points). Jean de Dieu Randrianarivelo (coach Deda) makes a post-match analysis: “The young Malagasy players have the know-how in basketball, but they lack the endurance. We don’t have a bench team capable of replacing. To play at the top level, you need eight players capable of keeping up with the pace from the first to the fourth quarter. According to him, the Malagasy were powerless against the Americans and the French.

“Our players are tired and completely overwhelmed by the event. Madagascar is already on the world stage and we must stay there. Malagasy basketball is already on the right track, we have to cast a wide net to find tall players on the outside to ensure the next generation. The World Cup is over for young Ankoay, but ranking matches will continue. For the rest, you have to find freshness and play without complex to improve the world ranking.

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