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BASKETBALL – N1B – ASB Itasy and COSFA Analamanga impressive

by drbyos

Following the policy of decentralization of the national championship, it is the turn of Morondava to host the national championship N1B from June 10 to 18.

Morondava, where the Madagascar N1B senior men’s basketball championship is currently being played, has been the capital of Malagasy basketball since last weekend until Sunday. Twenty teams from 12 regions of Madagascar are competing for the title of champion of Madagascar 2023 while seeking to reach the last four to ensure the rise in N1A. In three days of competition, six teams emerged from the lot, ASB Itasy, COSFA Analamanga, Generation 619 from Menabe, Fandrasa from Haute Matsiatra, SBBC Boeny and ASS from Menabe. In pool A (Génération 619 from Morondava, RBC Boeny, BCR Analamanga, HNB Itasy, Fandrasa Haute Matsiatra), the local team Génération 619 from Morondava, with its 5 points, temporarily leads the standings with its 2 wins and one loss, followed by Fandrasa Haute Matsiatra with 5 points (2 wins and one loss). In pool B (ASB Itasy, COSFA Analamanga, BLAC Atsinanana, EPAB Betsiboka, 3FB Androy), COSFA Analamanga, undefeated in three games played while having beaten 3FB Androay yesterday by a score of 80-43, seized the provisional first place ahead of ASB Itasy (2 wins, one loss) and 3FB Androy (2 wins, one loss).

Level decline

In pool C (Serasera Vakinakaratra, SBBC Boeny, AMBB Analamanga, BC Somava Sava, BC Est Atsimo Andrefana) SBBC Boeny, with its three successive victories, takes the provisional first place after its third victorious match in front of BC Est Atsimo Andrefana on the score of 57-29. In pool D (AS Victoire Boeny, AKBB Analamanga, ASS Menabe, FFPRO-BCTM Vakinankaratra, COSPN 2 Atsinanana), ASS Menabe, in the event of a third success, will temporarily take first place ahead of AS Victoire Boeny and COSPN 2 Atsinanana who each recorded 2 wins and one loss in three games played. Hasina Ramahandrimanana, vice-president of the regional delegation of referees and member of the FMBB, present in Morondava, gave his opinion on the level of the national championship N1B. “Compared to previous editions, there is a clear decline in the level of players in general, especially players from certain regional leagues. We are going to meet on Friday to sound the alarm and try to find adequate solutions with club leaders and coaches.

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