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The Madagascar U14 basketball championship enters its third day from today on the basketball courts at the Barea Mahamasina stadium. The opening ceremony of this U14 national championship which will run from July 15 to 23 was held on Sunday afternoon. It was an opportunity for the president of the regional basketball league of Analamanga (Lrbba) Heriniaina Ravelo Andriatsima to congratulate the players, parents and leaders of the clubs, for their investment in their presence in Analamanga during this national championship. During his speech, he explained that “the Analamanga Regional Basketball League is happy to host the national championship here in Analamanga. Seeing many of you come from 17 regional leagues shows that basketball in Madagascar is alive and I hope it will continue for the U16 age category. I would like to thank here the cooperation with BIANCO”, the Ministry of National Education, the Malagasy Basketball Federation, the Secretary of State in charge of New Towns and Housing at the Presidency of the Republic of Madagascar.

Brigade anti falsification

And Heriniaina Ravelo Andriatsima to continue: “We never accept fraud on the age of our players during this national championship because it will not bring anything good for Malagasy basketball. To fight against this fraud, an anti-falsification brigade has been set up and beware of those who are tempted by this bad practice. Very severe measures will be taken. Anyway, we welcome you and good championship to all”. During the first day of this national game played on Saturday, the big teams of the capital with some clubs from other regions announced the color by showing their strength, their domination over the matches. Among the girls, MB2ALL Analamanga recorded its second victory in as many matches. After outclassing ASBM Fitovinany 23-11 on Saturday, it beat Phoenix 20-14 yesterday while ASCUT Atsinanana beat ALSI 31-17. LUCADRO Analamanga recorded his second victory and won 40-27 ahead of Fandrefiala Analamanga. SAMS Analamanga dominated SEPA with a score of 44-24. Among the boys, COSFA Analamanga won with a score of 37-20 ahead of ATS Amoron’i Mania while BC Est dominated ALSI Amoron’i Mania with a score of 70-22.

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