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56 days before the opening of the XIth edition of the JIOI of 2023 which will be played from August 25 to September 4 in Madagascar pending the regrouping of all Malagasy athletes by the Malagasy State, the Malagasy Athletics Federation (Fma) took the lead and organizes from June 30 to July 2 at the Barea Mahamasina stadium the Madagascar senior athletics championship as a dress rehearsal. All the regional leagues will be there and it will be an opportunity for the public to closely follow the performance of all the trainees from China who arrived in the country on June 15th. As the facilities at the Barea de Mahamasina stadium are not complete for all disciplines in athletics, all types of throwing, steeplechase and height are not on the program. Hery Rambeloson, the national technical director of the Fma did not hide his concern 56 days from the start of the eleventh edition of the JIOI of 2023 in Madagascar. “To date we have found that the majority of the infrastructures supposed to host the disciplines at the island games are not yet ready. As a responsible federation, we are committed to honoring our role by organizing the national championship. We want to be ready whatever the case, ”says Hery Rambeloson.

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