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ATE initiated measures of force in Cipolletti: strike and mobilization

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In assembly the municipal workers of the unions ATE began a 24-hour strike due to the lack of a new call from the Executive Power of cipolletti. They denounce that the Executive delays the salary negotiation and request an update of workers’ wages municipal. ¿What did the Cipolletti government say?

Los guilds by Cipolletti requesting that the mayor Claudius DiTella present a new salary proposal that takes into account the inflation rate and prevents salaries from becoming outdated.

After several assemblies held this week the workers decided to strike for 24 hours due to a non-response that they have faced with the request for a new parity negotiation.

From ATE announced that today mobilize in the northwest branch of Brentana Street. They demand a joint update, the move to permanent staff and the recategorization of municipal employees.

On Tuesday the union Soyem declared itself in a state of mobilization and permanent assembly, but gave a period of 72 hours for the Labor delegation to participate in mediation between the Executive and the unions. They had announced that in the event that the call is made within the established period, no forceful measures would be taken, until now. the call was not made.

They explained that if the government’s silence persists, a progressive work stoppage would be launched on Friday.

He General Secretary of Soyem, Marcelino Jara explained in “You on the Air” by BLACK RIVER RADIO that on Tuesday they made a proposal to the Executive, but so far they have not received a response to the request. «On Monday it was decided to put them on alert and mobilization and if necessary in progressive unemployment. If we do not have an answer today, tomorrow we will start with the measure,” he said.

What the municipality of Cipolletti said

From the municipality of Cipolletti they issued a announcement what ensures that the Cipolletti government has been strictly complying with the wage agreement.

The general director of Legal Affairs of the Cipolletti municipality, Raul Franco explained, “this The agreement established a guideline of increasing inflation month by month that would have the first readjustment in July. Under the inflationary items set month by month there could be some mismatch with the one established by INDEC. After July 15 and with the liquidation of the same month, the Cipolletti government will make that adjustment between the first semester, ”he explained.

As stated, from January to date, the inflationary indices were fixed in the paritaria, but the government waits for the next 15 INDEC to determine the inflationary percentage for June so that at the end of the month when the salary is settled, that readjustment will be applied.

In this sense, Frank warned that “there is no breach, we do not see that the claim is adjusted to the law”.

In relation to the negotiation with the unions, the lawyer assured that the dialogue with the unions always remained open. “From the parity and on different occasions they met with Claudio Di Tella, transmitting the concern that has to do with the inflationary situation in the country. He has been duly listened to and analyzed by the mayor and his cabinet regarding what can happen in the second semester, ”he said.

He explained that “The salary guideline has already determined the percentage that will be applied. In July a 5% increase is applied and so on with an adjustment clause in November. We do not consider that at this time a measure of force is viable, nor do we consider it to be in accordance with the law, nor that there is any reason that can support it from the legal or factual point of view. We do not understand what is the motivation for this measure, ”he concluded.

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