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ask for shelter in the rain

by drbyos

With rain, wind and temperatures that exceed 0 degrees, Carla He completed a week living on the street. Was evicted with her five children and her partner and has nowhere to live, for which he asks the provincial government for a solution, chained in front of the Government House and on a hunger strike. The rain of these days the situation worsened and all his things got wet, for this reason asks the community for shelter to cope with the weather conditions.

Carla Lavín’s situation became known on Friday, when iHe set up a tent in the Plaza Santa Genoveva to be able to sleep. He is in a relationship with Franco Castillo who is currently taking care of the woman’s five children, who are 16, 13, 6, 3, and a year and a half. She alerted that he is afraid of losing the little ones due to the shortcomings they are going through.

Carla told Diario RIO NEGRO that last Wednesday They were evicted from the house where they rented and decided to spend the night in a plaza from the eastern part of the city. The family has nowhere to go and only she has a job, so her possibilities are seriously limited.

On Thursday night, Red Solidaria approached with hot food and shelter to the Plaza Santa Genoveva. Then a volunteer from the organization offered to give them asylum, mainly her children, because Carla she refuses to expose them to the situation she is going through.

Carla clarified that she has a salaried job, but that can’t get rent you can afford and in the houses that could, they do not accept children.

Since then he has been on the street Demanding help from the provincial government. Not getting answers, on Monday decided to chain himself in front of Government House and start a hunger strike, but no one appeared who can give him a solution either.

This Wednesday Carla completed a week on the street demanding answers, and moved his protest to the front door of the executive building provincial. In addition, his mother traveled from Mar del Plata to support your daughter’s claim. “For just five minutes I ask the governor to put a hand on his heart”he stated.

“Everything got wet and it’s very cold, I ask the community if you can lend me blankets, jackets and a dry tent»Carla stated. «We are having a bad time because of the rain but I am going to continue chained and on a hunger strike until they give me a solution”he assured.

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