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Arabela Carreras formalized her candidacy for mayor of Bariloche

by drbyos

Yesterday, after formalizing the Juntos Somos Río Negro list in the Municipal Electoral Board of Bariloche, the current governor said she was “excited and optimistic.” The presentation in society of the candidacies of Juntos Somos Río Negro, It will be held tomorrow, Sunday, July 9.

The list is headed by Carreras, accompanied by Juan Pablo Ferrari as a candidate for first Councilor. The list is completed with: Natalia Almonacid, Silvio Barriga, Laura Totonelli, Glenda Cohen, Lucas Pérez, Claudia Torres, Claudio Otano, Carlos Damián Fuentes, Alejandra Guzmán and Gonzalo Villar.

As candidates for alternate councilors were enrolled: Paula Barberis, Nicolas Riquelme, Ayelen Inalef, Hugo Carriqueo, Maria Celeste Ochoa, Jose Torrez, Jorge Huircapan, Barbara Vilosio, Hector Andino, Maria Florence Cabrera and Aurora Martinez.
Meanwhile, the main candidacies to integrate the Court of Accounts belong to: Damián Vila, María Eugenia Opolski and Nicolás Altamirano. The substitute candidates are Valeria Silva, Pablo De Barba and Marisol Ruiz.

At the end of the formal ceremony, Carreras said he felt “a deep joy and a lot of expectation by putting all together the signature on a commitment to the city. He also added that “the team of people is magnificent. We are celebrating this moment because We have a lot to propose and all the expectations of having the support of our neighbors in every neighborhood and every corner of the city.”
In addition, he valued all the years of learning and journey that he had and the opportunity that democracy offers to be able to do something for the people of Barilochense.

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