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Aníbal Lotocki went to the circus and they scolded him

by drbyos

Aníbal Lotocki, surgeon convicted of malpractice and denounced by Silvina Luna, he went to the circus with his family and the spectators they rebuked him. The model fights for her life waiting for a kidney transplant.

Silvina Luna is dying, what do you have to say?”, a person who was recording the surgeon was heard saying.

I’m very sorry, of course. We are very worried, but it is not my fault,” the doctor replied. youIt was also consulted by Gabriela Trenchiwho said he had health complications because of him.

It’s a lie, it’s not my fault. That is in the sentence, that Gabriela Trenchi’s disease was disassociated ”, the surgeon denied.

Finally, they asked him if he takes responsibility for what happened to his patients, to which he replied: “No, what happens is that you should have been at the trialhaving read the sentence and there they would have found out that what Silvina Luna has has nothing to do with me ”.

How is Silvina Luna doing?

As detailed in recent days by the journalist Ángel de Brito, Silvina Luna continues with a critical condition but showed a slight improvement: “Everyone knows that he is still serious in the intensive care unit, but there are certain improvements in his state of mind and physique as well”.

And he added: “He’s eating and he’s already grabbed his cell phone. Do not send him messages because he does not have WhatsApp, nor the networks or anything. Use your cell phone to meditateHe listens to them.”

The model, admitted to the Italian Hospital since June 13, he is already out of breathry doing dialysis between 6 and eight hours a day, although this situation makes her spend a lot of time lying down and causes her some pain.

Finally, de Brito revealed that is already “giving orders” and she was more Silvina Luna again. Already started making some jokes and improve their spirits”.


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