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An ex-policeman from Neuquén defended himself against shots from a robbery in the heart of Cipolletti

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The insecurity in Cipolletti generates moments of tension in the city. Yesterday an ex-police officer along with his partner were victims of a robbery in the middle of the city. To stop the offender and recover his belongings, the retired policeman fired two shots. There were no injuries but the neighbors who were in the place had to take refuge.

The event occurred yesterday around 7:00 p.m. in the center of the city of Cipolletti. A person riding a motorcycle broke the driver’s window of a vehicle and took a wallet from inside.

The owner of the vehicle, a retired agent from Neuquén, to try to stop the “motochorro” shot him twice. This caused a stir among the residents who were circulating in the area, who immediately sought refuge in nearby businesses or behind parked cars.

In the complaint made by the retired policeman, he explains that the thief was riding a 150cc motorcycle and the assaulted vehicle was on the corner of 25 de Mayo and Roca. “When they were inside the car, a person dressed in black approached, broke the glass of the door and took out the wallet. When he fled, the retired policeman shot him twice to stop him,” said Commissioner José González, head of Cipolletti’s fourth unit.

According to reports from the police unit, there were no injuries as a result of the shots. They also clarified that the weapon used was for civilian use. At the place, the criminalistics office worked to carry out the corresponding expertise. The case is already with the intervention of the prosecutor’s office on duty.

Insecurity in Cipolletti: They entered a house and stole two motorcycles this morning

This event occurred in the Luis Piedrabuena neighborhood, as detailed by Luciano, the victim of the robbery in dialogue with Diario RÍO NEGRO, the illegal it occurred during the early morning while they were sleeping. He assured that when he woke up to go to work, they recorded the robbery.

«Today we get up at 4.30 to go to work and we saw that the motorcycles were not there, the gate was open“, he described.

He also confirmed that through security cameras, they observed that there were two men. “We saw that a neighbor had cameras and there we observed that at about At 1:40 in the morning, two men entered the house and took the motorcycles.“he commented. In addition, he assured that they already made the complaint at Police Station No. 24 of the city. Stolen motorcycles are a Motomel Custom 150 and a Rouser ns 200.

Luciano remarked that after the dissemination of his telephone number, He is receiving different calls that alert about the possession of the shots but he assures that they are possible scams. «I receive many messages and calls from people telling me that they have the motorcycles and that I transfer money to them to return it to me but clearly that’s scam“, lament.

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