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Ailén Lascano Micaz wants to be the first Argentine to win the Triple Crown

by drbyos

Ailén Lascano Micaz, from Vieden, a little over a week ago, became the first swimmer from Río Negro to cross the English Channel. and could become the first Argentine to win the Triple Crown of the World Open Water Association.

Ailén is still in Europe and these days he will return to our country to prepare the third challenge on the Island of Santa Catalina in the United States and that many swimmers try to avoid, due to the danger that the area represents.

In dialogue with Diario RÍO NEGRO, the swimmer from Viedma recalled what it was like to travel the 33 kilometers to cross the English Channel, located between England and France.to. A journey that lasted more than 13 hours and 10 minutes, with minimal assistance and without a neoprene suit, as established by the regulations.

“I am very happy and very grateful because It was something very complex and it was very difficult for me to do it. There was a lot of preparation, I knew that the confirmation of the test depended on the weather and they told us about noon, although in the port it can be suspended until the last minute,” Ailén said.

The test started at 1 in the morning and the strict regulations of the Channel Swimming Association to officially confirm the crossing does not allow any artificial help. It is allowed to wear goggles, a cap (not neoprene), nose clips, ear plugs and a classic bathing suit that does not offer thermal protection or buoyancy.

Besides, could only hydrate every half hour and for 30 seconds, which turns this test into a real challenge.

“Basically it’s swimming and swimming. The water was 15 degrees and I swam close to the boat because the current moved me a lot until I could get comfortable,” explained the swimmer. Two captains were on the boat, an official from the Channel Swimming Association and two people from the Ailén team.

In the middle of the night, he set off from the English port of Dover and, in addition to the currents, he had to go through a hard time. “There were jellyfish and living waters that stung me, but it didn’t bother me much because I was focused on swimming, I knew it was one of the aspects of the channel and it was a little pain and I had no problem to continue swimming.

The sun came up quickly and helped her to better observe the context although with daylight also came the toughest part of the challenge.

Arriving in France and two kilometers from Cape Gris-Nez, the officer told the team “the swim has just begun.”Both members did not understand until they saw that there was a very strong countercurrent that Ailén had to break in order to complete the test.

That moment is when the mind plays against and the swimmer from viedmense thought “what if we don’t arrive. Because I felt like they were throwing me back into the canal, that I was going backwards”.

When it was time to hydrate, Ailén asked the team if there was a possibility and they said yes, but he had to hit it with everything.

«I quickly changed the chip and thought about all the sacrifice so far, not only me but the whole team and the close people who are part of this swim. If there is a possibility, we go with everything». recounted the Rio Negro who is still in Europe.

The team was rooting for her during that hour and a half, in the most critical part and that gave him the vital push to reach the goal.

“It had to come completely out of the water, between the stones.” More than 13 hours of swimming, but if I did not climb the stones to get completely out of the water, the challenge was not complete.

With what little strength she had left, she raised her arms under a blanket of tears of joy as that complete defiance left her one step away from international recognition of open water that few have on the planet.

Ailén Lascano Micaz did not miss the opportunity to thank to her team that accompanied her and which was made up of Sebastian Perez and Sebastian Santoro. To the coach’s preparation Daniel Tomasellito the physical trainer Luca Lascano and his kinesiologist Magdalena Kuen that were part of the international achievement.

Also to the support of all the family, friends and the incredible community of Viedma and Río Negro, to the sponsors Horizonte Seguros and Lotería de Río Negro.

Confirmed date for her third challenge: becoming the first Argentine swimmer to win the Triple Crown

Ailén wastes no time, enjoying his present, but without losing sight of a greater goal: to win the Triple Crown. More than 130 swimmers from all over the world have already achieved it, although if the Viedma woman manages to complete the last test, she will become the first Argentine swimmer to obtain this international distinction from the World Open Water Association.

The Catalina Channel, with 32.5 km located between the coast of California and the island of Santa CatalinaIt is the last test. Ailén already completed the challenge of the 20 Bridges on the island of Manhattan in 2021 and crossed the English Channel a few days ago.

“We have a date for September 26 and 27. It is a distance similar to the English Channel, with a temperature between 15 and 16 degrees, “confirmed the Rio Negro.

He also detailed that there will be a greater danger than currents or jellyfish in Southern California waters: the White shark that abounds in that area and protagonist of several attacks on people. “There are swimmers who avoid this swim or who don’t want to do it because it is home to sharks, especially thinking that you have to swim a lot at night since there are strong winds in the afternoon.”

The Triple Crown for Ailén is not a pressure, it generates “motivation” because I would like to become the first Argentine. I have been dreaming of this moment for a long time, when I began to put this whole project together. I’m very motivated for what’s to come.”

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