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Agustina Gandolfo would have given Lautaro Martínez an ultimatum before the wedding

by drbyos

Lautaro Martinez y Agustina Gandolfo they got married a few days ago in Italy and met some details prior to the couple taking this important step.

“The story of Lautaro and Agustina begins when Wanda Nara introduces them, and since she is his wife, she tells him who he has to go out with and who not, in fact she made Lautaro Martínez change his representatives”told the Spanish journalist Roberto Antolín to Juan Etchegoyen.

They assure that Agustina Gandolfo manages Lautaro Martínez

And I add: “She is eating Lautaro’s head and is telling him which people he should get together with and which ones not, what’s more for her Inter Milan was not too much, she believed that she had to leave the club and made him argue with his agents in his moment, he changed his eating habits, she manages him as she wants and gave him an ultimatum before the wedding “.

“He told her: ‘either you get married or I’m leaving.’ Lautaro is a doll in the relationship, Agustina told him that, if you marry you do it with me or I leave, she is the one who leads the relationship, and overall, on a personal and professional level, everything is indicated by her, “he said. Antolin.

«She tells him what clothes he has to wear, all that is what he has done, what I tell you is that he told her that they were fine that way and the relationship was working well, and she told him that phrase that I am telling you‘you get married or this is over’ and Lautaro never dares to contradict heris a doll that does what she wants ».

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