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After the controversy, did Jey Mammon attend the Martín Fierro Awards?

by drbyos

This Sunday the gala of the Martin Fierro Awards, event that was broadcast by Telefe. It was an edition that kept viewers expectant from the beginning due to the eventual appearance of Jey Mammonwho had stated in a recent interview that he would appear at the Hilton Hotel.

As it could be seen in the transmission, at first the ex-driver was not seen present at the ceremony. And much less could he be seen sharing a table with his former colleagues from the Peña de Morfi.

However, after a while, Mammon appeared in the halland sat at the table with the members of the program.

Jey Mammon appeared in the Martín Fierro

“It is a night that has to do with meeting people, it goes beyond a program or an award, whether or not he wins. The sorrow. that seems secondary to me”, he assured in dialogue with Infobae.

Asked about the reunion with his colleagues, he said: “I’ve been talking to them”, and pointed out the figure of Jesica Cirio: “What I miss the most is her perfume, which is very rich. And I don’t have it but it’s very expensive”. And regarding his state of mind, he stated: “I am very well, waiting for the food.”

Jey Mammon and the announcement of his participation in the Martín Fierro

Telefe invited me to the Martín Fierro”, Mammon had stated in an interview with Luis Ventura for the True Secrets program. “I am hired until the end of the year, but not on screen,” said the driver regarding her relationship with Telefe, who licensed him after the scandal.

Then, when asked about where he will sit at the awards ceremony, the denounced animator had replied: “I sit at the table of La peña de Morfi”. He also confirmed that if the program that wins a statuette will go on stagea situation that did not happen since Morfi lost the shortlist in which he was nominated.

Jey Mammon finally attended the Martín Fierro: Barilli’s opinion and the “discomfort” of Nancy Pazos

The journalist Rodolfo Barilli went through the red carpet of the Martín Fierro and spoke about what he thought about the possible appearance of Mammon.

Asked about this matter by the local press, Barili stated: “If you were invited, you have the right to come, and if you come, I hope nothing happens”.

Meanwhile, in the context of Mammon’s attendance at the awards, Lucas Benvenuto spoke harshly on his networks and asked: “I want the rights of the child in Argentina to stop being violated.”

Previously, Nancy Pazos also spoke about the subject and was very harsh on Twitter: “If Jey Mammon goes to the Martín Fierro party tomorrow (I still think he will reconsider) I will be one of the many people who will feel uncomfortable. His media appearances in recent days and his need for revenge —posing as a victim when he was a victimizer— bring out the worst in me”.

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