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After his indictment, Donald Trump castigates the American justice system

by drbyos

Donald Trump castigated, on Saturday June 10, the American judicial system, according to him “corrupt”during his first public speech since his indictment, the day before, by federal justice.

He is the subject of thirty-seven charges for having, when he left the White House, carried away thousands of documents, some of which are confidential. He should have entrusted them to the National Archives. He refused to return most of it despite reminders from the FBI. This federal indictment is unprecedented for a former American president.

Donald Trump, who repeats that he is the victim of a political cabal, took part in two Republican conventions in the south-east of the United States, first in Georgia then in North Carolina, getting angry with what he called it an unfair legal attack on him. “You are dealing with madmen”said the former president in Greensboro, North Carolina. “The baseless indictment against me by the Biden government’s instrumentalized ministry of injustice will rank among the most horrific abuses of power in our country’s history.”he launched.

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Earlier, in Columbus, Georgia, Donald Trump told the crowd that he was the target of lawsuits because of his bid for a second term in the White House. “That’s why they do it, if I wasn’t [candidat à un nouveau mandat présidentiel], there would be no witch hunts, there would be no indictments”he argued.

Both rallies took place just three days before his appearance in federal court in Miami, Florida. He is accused of endangering the national security of the United States by keeping confidential documents, including military and nuclear secrets, when he left the White House. He had already been charged in April by the justice of the State of New York for accounting fraud.

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” Disturbs “

The indictment, released on Friday, includes 37 counts, including “unlawful retention of national security information”, “obstruction of justice” et “false testimony”. Donald Trump has already reacted to his indictment announcement in a series of posts on his network, Truth Social, as well as in a video statement posted on Twitter. He describes it as ” disturbs “ the special prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Jack Smith, and denounces an electoral interference supposedly orchestrated by his rival Joe Biden. The latter made it known that he had no “not spoken” to his Minister of Justice about this.

“They attack me, because we are again ahead of Biden in the polls, by a lot”assured Donald Trump, despite the fact that opinion polls do not show a clear advantage at this stage.

The Republican camp has so far generally closed ranks around Donald Trump. Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy, whose relationship with the tumultuous billionaire has not always been good, said the indictment of the former president marked a “dark day” for the United States. And Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, his main opponent for the Republican nomination, has joined in the denunciations of an alleged Justice Department “instrumentalized”.

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