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Aerolíneas Argentinas fired the flight attendant who made the bomb threat

by drbyos

Stewardess Daniela Carbone, who made a Telephone bomb threat that affected an Aerolíneas Argentinas flight on May 21was fired today by the company.

Carbone, who is being detained for the incident, was discharged from the Aerolíneas Argentinas staff, where she had joined 24 years ago, under the classification of “dismissal caused”, after the state company managed to become a plaintiff in the case for Public Intimidation and Obstruction of Public Service that is followed by the flight attendant.

According to the company, the flight attendant was informed by telegram that “the company has more than corroborated its direct/indirect participation (involving his daughter in it) in the aforementioned bomb threat, which caused severe economic and reputational damage to the company, in addition to the bad moment that it caused passengers and the crew present (also causing damage due to loss of combinations or due to the delays caused)”.

«All of the above is clearly aggravated by the fact that she is a person with her seniority in the company (24 years old), who was a flight instructor for more than 14 years (between 2004 and September 2018). », it is indicated in the file.

The firm also points out that Carbone «clearly knew each and every one of the corresponding company protocols in the event of a bomb threat (even more attentive that you precisely instructed the company personnel about them and about what should be done if any person -passenger or part of the crew- mentions the word ‘bomb’) and knew perfectly well the damage that the message from The audio sent was going to generate for the company.

On the other hand, it is pointed out that the flight attendant incurred in serious violations of the Code of Business Ethics and articles 62, 63, 84 and 86 of the Labor Contract Law.

On the date described, the woman sent a message through her daughter’s phone in a distorted voice that read: “Tell the captain that we planted three bombs on the Miami [sic]. Stop fucking with politics and check the plane because they are going to fly into a thousand pieces.

Due to the threat, flight AR1304 Ezeiza-Miami, which carried 270 passengers and 12 crew members and was scheduled to depart at 7:35 in the morning on Sunday, May 21, was delayed for several hours, as the evacuation was carried out according to protocol. until the threat was found to be false.

The incident resulted in the flight being delayed for a total of seven hours and the airline having to face a figure close to one million dollars in expenses.

The stewardess would have acted out of spite since an employee of the airline was on board the plane with whom she had recently cut off a love relationship.

«I spent 5 years with him being an impeccable woman, because I swear I did not cheat on him even with my thoughts. when you get paid that way you are destroyed. Obviously I don’t justify myself. I went to hell and also that I am a curator of the international area, I was an instructor in the company. They will probably kick me out. Alright“The woman told a friend, according to the Infobae portal, after the incident.

In recent days, the federal judge of Lomas de Zamora Federico Villena, who was in charge of the case, was studying whether to grant Carbone house arrest.

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