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A young man tried to attack the directors of a school and the police in Catriel with knives

by drbyos

This Tuesday a violent event was recorded in the educational field of Catriel. A young man brought knives to school and the local police had to intervene to solve the incident. According to reports, both the young man and a relative tried to attack the police officers. In this school, different students had already made a claim a few weeks ago.

The incident occurred this morning at ESRN No. 21, a young entered the educational institution armed with knives. The teaching staff notified the police who came to the school.

«Our intervention was to arrive at the high school as a result of a phone callby the school preceptor,” said Mónica Cañuelo, 9th unit commissioner.

They explained that the young man was reduced after a few minutes and later he was transferred to the local hospital since he would be under the effects of some medication.

Cañuelo explained that the knife was withdrawn from the minor and he turned himself in to the authorities of the institution. He added that “minutes later the same staff proceeded to notify and transfer the parent to the school to continue with rigorous procedures by the school«.

The young man’s mother tried to attack the police in Catriel

As they explained, the reaction of the young man and his mother to the event was violent. “They were received insults towards police personnel by the minor and parent“, they assured.

They also tried attacking with kicks and throwing stones at the mobile“but without being able to applaud any damage,” confirmed Cañuelo.

Parents and teachers are on alert and analyzing measures to follow.

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