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A typical family needed 142,000 pesos to cover the food basket in June in Bariloche

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In June, a typical family of four he had to spend 142,671 pesos in Bariloche to exceed the level of indigence (only covering the food item). In this way, an increase of 5.99% was registered with respect to the month of May.

This is revealed by the result of the latest report from the Center for Economic and Social Studies “Scalabrini Ortiz” (CESO), together with the Fundación Ambiente Desarrollo y Hábitat Sustentables and the Association of Teachers of the National University of Río Negro (ADURN).

The general price increase in June was 5.39%. The items that increased the most within food were dairy products (19.57%), eggs (8.14%), jams (8%), and fruits and vegetables (6.21%). Outside the food item, hair care items (13.85%), cleaning accessories (6.27%) and deodorant and antiperspirants (6.26%) stand out.

The study finds that the cost of living in Bariloche for an adult male to not be indigent was 43,234 pesos; while for an adult woman this amount reached 33,290 pesos in the same period.

A family of four members (two adults and two minors) had to spend 142,671 pesos to exceed the level of indigence. This basic food basket includes only food.

“The vital and mobile minimum wage (SMVM) is at 87,987 pesos for June. Currently, in order to cover the basic food basket, 1.62 SMVM are necessary. The proportion deteriorated slightly despite the last expected increase of 5% in June by the Salary Council”, they specified from the research group.

In relation to the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) which is currently at 18,024 pesos in Río Negro, to cover the food basket, 7.92 were needed. “To cover the food requirements of a minor daughter, an average of 1.45 AUH was needed in June; while for a minor child this relationship was 1.62,” they added.

The study also shows that a retiree received the minimum of 85,983 pesos, with a reinforcement of 15,000 pesos provided by ANSES. «For a male retiree, the food basket occupies 37% of the retirement only in food. In the case of a female retiree of the minimum, food covers 31% of her retirement perception“, they pointed out.

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