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A teacher died in a collision between two cars on National Route 14 in Misiones

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A 49-year-old teacher died this Thursday in a collision between two cars occurred on national route 14, near the missionary town of Campo Viera, according to judicial sources.

The victim, identified as Estela Pinchettiwas a passenger in a Citroën Berlingo utility that was driven by his partner, Marcelo González, 55, when they hit a Ford Fiesta, in which a young man and a woman were traveling.

Product of the force of the crash, the initial level teacher, based in the town of Bernardo de Irigoyen, he lost his life on the spot. His death, certified by a police doctor, was caused by “a traumatic cardiorespiratory arrest, external cervical trauma, severe head trauma and fracture of the right upper limb.”

At the scene, police personnel from the Campo Viera police station intervened, who proceeded with the identification of the victims and the transfer of the injured to the Samic hospital in Oberá.

A teacher died in a crash in Misiones: a case for “culpable homicide” was initiated

For its part, Oberá Investigating Court No. 1 ordered that the vehicles be seized and that both drivers be notified of the case for “culpable homicide”in addition to being subjected to a breathalyzer test.

Police experts, meanwhile, did not rule out that the combination of high speeds with the slippery road due to the rain caused the fatal incident, the Télam agency reported.

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