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A person is in serious condition after being injured with tear gas

by drbyos

The swears in the new Constitution of Jujuythis Tuesday, generated strong repression at the gates of the legislature of that provincewhat left at least one seriously injured and more than 50 people affected by rubber bullets and tear gas issued by the Jujuy police. There are at least 17 detainees.

Live, the newscasts that cover the repression in the place showed a man lying on the ground with his head bleeding profusely in the middle of the street. Immediately, the protesters who were around began to demand the presence of medical personnelwhich was far from the place.

According to the first attentions received, the protester suffered a blow to the head with a tear gas canister fired by the Jujuy police while he was at the gates of the Legislature, which generated a large wound and left him practically unconscious in the middle of the street.

In addition to this person, there are registered other protesters who have denounced being attacked with rubber bullets in their bodiesnext to journalists who were working on the scene y teachers They are also part of the protests.

Constitutional Reform in Jujuy: Who is the seriously injured protester

As identified by his own companions, the injured protester is Nelson Mamani, part of the Polo Obrero organizationwho was in full mobilization against the Jujuy Legislature. If you know that, After his transfer to the local Pablo Soria hospital, he was admitted to the operating room and remains under intensive care.

Witnesses at the scene say that Jujuy police shot him in the head with a tear gas gunhence a can would have hit him and generated a serious injury.

Mamani is accompanied by his wifewhile medical personnel worked on his recovery.

We warn that on-site media video shows sensitive images.

What happens in Jujuy: the reform of the Constitution of Gerardo Morales

Violence escalated in Jujuy with strong incidents in front of the provincial Legislature. It all came about after the ruling party of Gerardo Morales he swore the partial constitutional reform resisted by protesters. The climate was flooded in a brutal repression, where some protesters who managed to enter the compound and set fire to the public building. There are no ambulances near the scene and there are already serious injuries.

A new day of violence is taking place in San Salvador de Jujuy, where a group of protesters has gathered in front of the Legislature since morning. While the assembly members approved the provincial Magna Carta behind closed doors and without live transmission, some Protestants entered the building and They clashed with the police.

Since the Protestants found out about the approval of the new Magna Carta, everything was chaos. Protesters tore down security fences, They threw stones at the uniformed officers who were guarding the place and caused damage to the windows of the legislature. Some even managed to enter the compound and set a fire inside.

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