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A man was charged with running over and killing a pedestrian in Plaza Huincul

by drbyos

In a hearing to formulate charges held last Friday, a man, identified by the acronym JRR, was charged for the crime of manslaughter for running over and killing a pedestrian in the city of Plaza Huincul.

The accusation, in charge of the legal assistant Lucas Rodeirocharged the crime mentioned for driving a motor vehicle, as the author.

According to the theory pursued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, it all happened last May 3, around 3:30 p.m., when the defendant was driving a truck along Entre Ríos street in the oil city, with a west traffic direction.

Upon reaching the intersection with Chaco street, the prosecutor’s office explained, the driver made a right turn maneuver and He began to drive recklessly in the opposite lane. crashing into a pedestrian, named Sebastian Andres Quirogawho was starting to cross the street.

As a result of the impact, the victim suffered multiple multiple injuries, respiratory failure and head trauma, that ended up causing his death later.

He ran over and killed in Cutral Co: the defendant was driving drunk

The prosecution argued that the defendant not only carried out a reckless maneuver, violating the duty of care and current legal regulations, but also, at the time of running over the pedestrian, He was circulating with 2.12 g/l of alcohol in his blood.

Finally, the judge of guarantees formalized the accusation and established an investigation period of four months.

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