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A man bought a stolen motorcycle in Viedma and was sentenced to six months in prison

by drbyos

A man was sentenced to six months in effective prison for the crime of concealment, after it was proven that acquired a motorcycle that was stolen and knowing such criminal origin. Another sentence weighed on the man that was unified to this one at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office and is already serving them in Federal Unit 12.

The criminal file began on February 20 when a person notified the 911 Service that a couple was traveling in the heart of the provincial capital, aboard a motorcycle that a friend of his had reported as stolen a few days before.

In the police procedure, prevention agents apprehended the man who tried to escape from the place but was immediately arrested. Subsequently, the intervening prosecutor ordered expert reports and it was verified that the motorbike vehicle had a request for kidnapping, for which reason he initiated the corresponding criminal file that, just four months later, culminated in this sentence.

To it is up from an abbreviated procedure supported by evidence obtained that convinced the man to accept it. It implied an explicit acknowledgment of the fact before the parties in the framework of a judicial hearing and the subsequent acceptance of the legal classification and the expected penalty.

The Prosecutor’s Office required on that occasion that it be unified with another that was firm in recent weeks.For this reason, the man was immediately transferred to Federal Unit 12 in Viedma to begin serving a single sentence of five years.

The situation of the woman who was also charged was turned out to be different, but, not having a criminal record and due to the nature of the crime and the penalty providedyou can access an alternative exit that the parties are currently evaluating.

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