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a detainee provided key information for the search for Cecilia Strzyzowski

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Justice carries out the search for Cecilia Strzyzowski in a property in the Chaco town of Puerto Tirol after the statement of Gustavo Melgarejo, one of the detainees who worked as a landlord for the Sena family, in the framework of the case that is being investigated as a femicide.

In turn, Juan Díaz, who was César Sena’s lawyer, resigned considering that he could not “defend a criminal act.” and that the new evidence led him to make that decision.

Melgarejo was the only one of the seven detainees who testified yesterday before the team of prosecutors who investigates the case already labeled as femicide.

Melgarejo testified that the night Cecilia disappeared, she saw her employers arrive in a van. to a property that is about 15 kilometers from the establishment they own.

The main hypothesis about what happened to Cecilia Strzyzowski

One of the hypotheses is that there the body of the young woman would have been crematedwho is the wife of Cesar Seineson of the piquetero leader Emerenciano Seine and of Marcela Acunathe employers of Melgarejo who are detained, accused of the alleged femicide of Cecilia.

The Chaco police arrived at 9 this Wednesday at the field that is about 15 kilometers from the Sena farm. There they deployed dogs to search for possible traces of Cecilia’s body, lanacion.com said.

The field is located three kilometers from a road that branches off Route 16. These new rakes were ordered by the Femicide Prosecutor’s Officewhich continues to lead the case, and occurs in a mountain area where Cecilia’s body could have been hidden, according to the evidence that appeared in the last hours in the case.

For that crime is that the seven arrested have already been charged and They remain in detention pending their procedural situation to be defined.

Despite being incommunicado, the defendants sent audios

In the last hours, it became known that the Emerenciano Sena leader and his wife Marcela Acuña, arrested along with their son César for the disappearance of their daughter-in-law, Cecilia Strzyzowski, they sent WhatsApp audios to their political group to give instructions to their militants, despite the fact that they are incommunicado due to the fact.

Sena and Acuña, powerful piqueteros with political ties in Resistencia, appointed former deputy Aurelio Díaz as “political leader” and They asked the members of their group to “do economic activity” because they are “without money.”

In the last hours, some audios of the marriage were leaked, They would have been sent from the police stations where they are detained to give instructions to the militants and personnel who work in the neighborhood that bears the name of the social leader.

«I tell you, today Aurelio and José Suárez lead the political part of the movement. All the teachers, all the worker and non-worker colleagues, health centers, library, all the colleagues inside and outside, from the picnic areas and everything, hold a permanent meeting and explain this urgent situation”, indicated Emerenciano Sena.

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